The Beautiful Side of Evil Fun Activities

Johanna Michaelsen
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Watch a Movie

Ask the class to research movies about religious cults.

1. Compare the Mind Control group to the religious group from the movie? How are the they alike and similar?

2. Write a 1 page summary about the movie.

3. Discuss the movie with the rest of the class.

Create a Spirit.

Hermanito chose Pachita because of her superior psychic abilities. Create your own spirit that inhabits your body to enhance your "powers." How will the spirit help you or hurt you?

Writing Activity

Throughout the book, Johanna writes the book using a first person narrative. In three pages, rewrite a section of the book in a third-person narrative.

How will the third-person narrative be different from Johanna's original book?

Create a Biography

Write a five-page biography for Pachita. Explain how her life changed when she gained the presence of Hermanito.

Create a word search for the...

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