The Beautiful Side of Evil Character Descriptions

Johanna Michaelsen
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The Author

This person is determined to shine light on occult-like practices. The character takes the reader through a journey of self-discovery and faith. She also details her experiences with the occult.

Pachita and Hermanito

These two character share one body. One character is a middle-aged Hispanic psychic healer with whom the author spends a lengthy and intense apprenticeship. The other character is a spirit of a young healer.


This character is the teacher and founder of the Mind Control program. He teaches the author and several other pupils how to tap into the power of the human mind, specifically the Alpha Waves it produces.

Dr. Carlos, Padre Humberto

These two characters are a respected physician and a priest. They are two individuals who, as portrayed by the author, are respected within their professions but who are nevertheless duped by Pachita and Hermanito.

Great-Great Aunt Dixie


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