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Short Answer Questions

1. On a brief trip to London, Franklin proposed what?

2. The British sent how many military troops to the American colonies led by General Braddock?

3. Where did Franklin meet Braddock and gained the general's trust?

4. As he believed people should have free access to things that improved their lives, what did Franklin do in regard to his stove?

5. Franklin's troops moved on to what location where they found most of the inhabitants dead?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Franklin respond to the British reaction to their suspicions of the American colonies?

2. What were some of the accomplishments Franklin had to praise about the Reverend Mr. Whitefield?

3. What was the result of some farmers' request as Franklin's militia prepared to leave the territory?

4. What was the analogy Franklin related between religion and fog?

5. What sort of education system did Franklin develop?

6. What disturbed Franklin regarding the British capability to defend the colonies?

7. What did Franklin relate regarding his famous Franklin stove?

8. What was one instance Franklin related about government officials skirting the technicalities of legal requirements?

9. In terms of libeling, what guidelines did Franklin note he printed his newspaper by?

10. What was Franklin able to do once he had sold most of his businesses?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Franklin recognized he was not perfect. What were some of his failures he acknowledged? What were some of his regrets? How did he pursue his life once he recognized errors?

Essay Topic 2

Franklin began his autobiography with a letter to his son, William. What were the various reasons that he provided William for writing his work? How did he explain he would approach his recollection? What were the factors he offered as to why he would approach it in this fashion?

Essay Topic 3

What were Franklin's musical endeavors, accomplishments, and their significance?

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