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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In reading his autobiography, one can see that Franklin fell into what category?
(a) Rationalist.
(b) Skeptic.
(c) Gullible.
(d) Perfectionist.

2. Franklin wrote a number of controversial letters in whose newspaper under an anonymous name?
(a) Kramer.
(b) Keimer.
(c) Bradford.
(d) Webb.

3. Collins broke his word to Franklin several times, but when did the pair become estranged?
(a) When he sold Collins' books.
(b) After he threw Collins from a carriage.
(c) After he threw Collins overboard from a boat.
(d) When he beat Collins.

4. Franklin believed in God and attended church how frequently?
(a) Twice weekly.
(b) Seldomly.
(c) Frequently.
(d) Weekly.

5. Who found Franklin in Philadelphia and encouraged him to return home?
(a) Robert Holmes, his brother-in-law.
(b) Robert Holmes, a family friend.
(c) Robert Holmes, a cousin.
(d) Robert Holmes, his uncle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Their first customer was referred to them by which of Franklin's friends?

2. Franklin regretted Miss Read's unfortunate marriage and did what?

3. Upon Franklin's promotion, what happened to the community ante?

4. One advantage of his intellectual club was to network with other intellectuals, most importantly those who could provide what?

5. In Philadelphia, Franklin soon worked for Mr. Bradford's son, Andrew, and what other printer?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Franklin interject regarding religion at this point?

2. What did Franklin and a co-worker named Hugh Meredith arrange to do?

3. What took place upon Franklin's return to Boston in hopes of gaining his father's consent?

4. How was Franklin able to trace his family back 300 years?

5. How did Franklin track his surname?

6. What did Franklin confess he would have done regarding the details of his story but lacked the talent to accomplish?

7. What happened when Meredith's father did not pay as he agreed for Franklin's business?

8. How did Franklin approach going to church after a minister friend convinced him to attend his services?

9. How did Franklin find his first job?

10. How did Franklin nearly come to stay in London just before his departure for America?

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