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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On his first day in Philadelphia, as he walked down the road, Franklin passed what for the first time?
(a) The site of the future drafting of the Declaration of Independence.
(b) His future wife.
(c) The site of the future drafting of the Bill of Rights.
(d) The home he would someday own.

2. In his autobiography, the author noted the library became a popular hang-out for which individuals?
(a) Travelers.
(b) Students.
(c) Intellectual club members.
(d) Bored youth.

3. When Franklin returned to Philadelphia, the former governor did what?
(a) Turned and walked away.
(b) Passed by without a word.
(c) Ducked into the nearest shop on the street.
(d) Approached him, apologized profusely.

4. In London, Franklin learned what about Governor Keith?
(a) He is word was worth little in England.
(b) His reputation is unsavory.
(c) His reputation was excellent.
(d) His word was worthless outside America.

5. When the House legalized paper tender, it awarded the contract to print the money to which printer?
(a) Webb.
(b) Bradford.
(c) Keimer.
(d) Benjamin.

Short Answer Questions

1. The members of the intellectual club Franklin belonged to pooled their books, but while their plan failed, it sparked Franklin's interest, and he eventually created a subscription library system that evolved into what?

2. What did Franklin's new friend, Ralph, admit to him?

3. Who did Franklin initially address his autobiography opening to?

4. Franklin wrote a number of controversial letters in whose newspaper under an anonymous name?

5. Franklin borrowed books from a shop which later inspired him to do what?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Franklin interject regarding religion at this point?

2. How did Franklin find Keimer had fared during his 18-month absence in London?

3. What observation did Franklin make of those in public affairs?

4. How did Franklin approach going to church after a minister friend convinced him to attend his services?

5. What did Franklin and a co-worker named Hugh Meredith arrange to do?

6. What work experience did Franklin gain in London?

7. What took place upon Franklin's return to Boston in hopes of gaining his father's consent?

8. Who was James Ralph and what was his relationship with Franklin?

9. How did Franklin track his surname?

10. How did Franklin find his first job?

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