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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The members of the intellectual club Franklin belonged to pooled their books, but while their plan failed, it sparked Franklin's interest, and he eventually created a subscription library system that evolved into what?
(a) Public library system of today.
(b) University of Pennsylvania library.
(c) U.S. Library of Congress.
(d) Philadelphia private library.

2. Who was it Franklin provided his virtues list for?
(a) All of his descendants.
(b) Some of his descendants.
(c) His son, William.
(d) Future Americans.

3. What did Franklin spend his earnings on from his first job after going to London?
(a) Housing and food.
(b) Lavish parties and books.
(c) Savings for his own print shop.
(d) Housing and entertainment.

4. What did Franklin convince a number of men to do?
(a) Stop paying.
(b) Pay a lesser amount.
(c) Stop drinking.
(d) Stop gambling.

5. How did Franklin's former employer's expanded business compare to the man's print house?
(a) Much better.
(b) About equal.
(c) Worse.
(d) Only a little better.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did the Governor of New York show an interest in meeting young Franklin upon his arrival this second time?

2. James Franklin was jailed for how long for not revealing a source?

3. Franklin made a final note about his not going to public church services as perhaps "blamable" but that he made no excuse as his purpose was to do what?

4. What happened when a rival learned Franklin planned to start a newspaper?

5. These three elements Franklin discovered as essential to a happy individual became what for him?

Short Essay Questions

1. What problem did Franklin encounter with a community beer till at Watt's?

2. What were some of the improvements to Philadelphia that Franklin participated in?

3. What transpired subsequent to Franklin's pursuit of the office of justice of the peace?

4. Where was Franklin among the children his father, Josiah, had?

5. What did Franklin take back with him on his initial return to Boston?

6. What were the advantages of Franklin being a member of JUNTO?

7. How was Franklin able to trace his family back 300 years?

8. What disturbed Franklin regarding the British capability to defend the colonies?

9. What did the colonies do subsequent to the initial two troops serving under General Braddock?

10. What was Franklin's approach to Captain Denny upon his arrival from England?

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