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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Franklin noted his kite experiment, which he was proud to see written about where?
(a) Many scientific journals.
(b) Newspapers around the globe.
(c) Scholarly journals.
(d) Many electricity history books.

2. Braddock and the troops were sent for what two reasons?
(a) Occupation, keeping the colonies in line.
(b) Defense and to keep the colonies in line.
(c) Defense and to assist the colonies.
(d) Offense and to keep the colonies in line.

3. There was soon much frustration between the Assembly and the governor, so Franklin was sent to England to appeal about what?
(a) Who was in charge.
(b) What laws applied to the colonies.
(c) What rights the colonists had.
(d) If they would replace the governor.

4. The president would confer with a council representing which group?
(a) Male property owners over 21.
(b) Colonial governments.
(c) The different colonies.
(d) Colonial landowners.

5. Franklin recorded they arrived in London on July 27 of what year?
(a) 1755.
(b) 1757.
(c) 1759.
(d) 1753.

6. Which college evolved from Franklin's endeavors in public education?
(a) University of Philadelphia, and later Arcadia University.
(b) University of Philadelphia, and later Pennsylvania State University.
(c) University of Philadelphia, and later Eastern College.
(d) University of Philadelphia, and later the University of Pennsylvania.

7. In what year did the physician friend of Franklin propose a town hospital?
(a) 1755.
(b) 1753.
(c) 1751.
(d) 1757.

8. Franklin's troops moved on to what location where they found most of the inhabitants dead?
(a) Gnadinger Park.
(b) Gnadendorf.
(c) Gnadenwald.
(d) Gnadenhutten.

9. The governor and Franklin sat down with Loudoun and discussed their arguments, and Franklin took what position for the Assembly?
(a) The colonists had certain rights.
(b) The colonists sought only to live frugally.
(c) The colonists recognized the King, but also had rights.
(d) The colonists felt they could govern themselves.

10. Who did Mr. Whitefield set up an orphanage for in Georgia?
(a) Children whose indentured servant parents died.
(b) Children whose Christian parents died.
(c) Any children whose parents died.
(d) Children of the poor whose parents died.

11. What languages did Franklin learn during his lifetime?
(a) French,Russian, Spanish.
(b) French, Italian, Spanish.
(c) French, Italian, Dutch.
(d) German, Italian, Spanish.

12. As he believed people should have free access to things that improved their lives, what did Franklin do in regard to his stove?
(a) Refused to patent it.
(b) Manufactured them, sold without a profit.
(c) Helped othrs construct their stoves.
(d) Donated profits from sales to charity.

13. What did Mr. Whitefield construct a large building for?
(a) Anyone of any sect who had something to say to a large mass.
(b) Anyone who wished to preach Christianity to a large mass.
(c) Anyone who desired to preach fundamentalism to a large mass.
(d) Anyone who wanted to preach Protestantism to a large mass.

14. Franklin undertook the improvement of law enforcement, including the appointment of non-biased policemen and what else?
(a) Levying a colonial tax to pay them.
(b) Levying a city tax to pay them.
(c) Levying a provincial tax to pay them.
(d) Levying a county tax to pay them.

15. Why was England increasingly suspicious of the colonies' intentions, especially when Franklin was escorted to a ferry by an honor guard?
(a) They viewed such activities being reserved for the British, not colonists.
(b) They were distrusting of this pomp.
(c) Franklin was the representative who appeared before the King's court.
(d) This was only seen in royalty.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Chapter XII, who was the new governor sent from England?

2. Who was Franklin's friend that suggested they build a town hospital?

3. What did the new governor present to Franklin?

4. As Franklin was readying to leave, Lord Loudoun arrived from England and said he had been sent to settle matters so who would not be bothered?

5. Franklin proposed the governmental group would contribute an amount equal to what?

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