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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter VI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. His former co-worker's father did not pay for the business as he had promised, so what did he and Franklin agree to?
(a) He would sell his two horses to help Franklin.
(b) He would sell stationary in Franklin's shop.
(c) Go their separate ways.
(d) He would take up another trade and help Franklin.

2. Josiah was impressed by the letter of recommendation and allowed Franklin's return to Philadelphia to do what?
(a) Work in a trade other than printing.
(b) Work for anothre year.
(c) Work for a few more years.
(d) Work for two more years.

3. Who was it Franklin provided his virtues list for?
(a) All of his descendants.
(b) His son, William.
(c) Future Americans.
(d) Some of his descendants.

4. What did Franklin convince a number of men to do?
(a) Stop paying.
(b) Stop gambling.
(c) Pay a lesser amount.
(d) Stop drinking.

5. What was the title of the pamphlet Franklin wrote about paper money, a raging debate at the time?
(a) "The Ten Reasons Justifying Paper Currency."
(b) "The Necessityand Benefits of Paper Currency."
(c) "The Need for Paper Currency."
(d) "The Nature and Necessity of Paper Currency."

Short Answer Questions

1. When the House legalized paper tender, it awarded the contract to print the money to which printer?

2. What did Franklin learn about Governor Keith's letters of credit?

3. What old friend of Franklin's asked him for work (Franklin had none but told this friend he would hire him once he started his newspaper)?

4. What did a contact advised Franklin to do?

5. In his autobiography, what point did Franklin devote the most pages to?

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