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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 2, Eddius Stephanus: Life of Wilfred.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which Irish apostle, according to Farmer, became famous for the founding of the Bobbio and Saint-Gall monasteries.
(a) Hwaetberht.
(b) Eosterwine.
(c) Columbanus.
(d) Brendan.

2. For what two countries does Farmer claim "The Age of Bede" to be an important source of early Christian Church history?
(a) England and France.
(b) Rome and Ireland.
(c) England and Ireland.
(d) Ireland and The Netherlands.

3. Whose record of Cuthbert's death did Bede use?
(a) Herefrith, a devout priest and abbot of Lindisfarne.
(b) Hwaetbehrt who succeeded him as abbot.
(c) Benedict who was a close friend of Cuthbert.
(d) Wilfrid who asked Bede to take a pilgrimage with him to Rome.

4. Who does Stephanus claim introduced Wilfrid to the Pope?
(a) Bishop Baducing.
(b) Bishop Colman.
(c) Boniface the archdeacon.
(d) Archbishop Dalfinus.

5. To whom did Stephanus address his record of the "Life of Wilfrid"?
(a) Acca, his Bishop, and Tatberht, his Abbot.
(b) To Bishop Agilberht who ordained him to the priesthood.
(c) To Boniface, the archdeacon who introduced him to the pope.
(d) To his father.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which of the works in "The Age of Bede" does Farmer claim was popular during the Middle Ages?

2. Who does Bede report gave Cuthbert a cure for a tumor on his knee?

3. What sign does Stephanus claim that God used to indicate that Wilfrid would serve him in the future?

4. Which duke of Theodoric petitioned the king over the land Wilfrid where was preaching to have Wilfrid sent to him dead or alive, according to Stephanus?

5. How old was Wilfrid when Stephanus reported he left home to seek the kingdom of Heaven?

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