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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Introduction.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Farmer claim to be the document that the earliest monk wrote?
(a) "The Navigatio".
(b) "The Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow".
(c) "The Life of Wilfrid".
(d) "The Life of Cuthbert".

2. Who does Farmer report to be the earliest monk of the British Isles?
(a) Cuthbert, a hermit of Lindisfarne.
(b) Ceolfrith, a monk of Wearmouth.
(c) Brendan, an Irish monk.
(d) Benedict, a Roman bishop.

3. What does Farmer report came of Cuthbert after he spent many years in a monastery?
(a) He became an usher in the Holy See.
(b) He became a hermit.
(c) He became a priest.
(d) He was appointed Bishop.

4. Which of the works in "The Age of Bede" does Farmer claim was popular during the Middle Ages?
(a) "The Life of Wilfrid."
(b) "Voyage of St. Brendan."
(c) "The Life of Cuthbert."
(d) " The Lives of the Abbots of Wearmouth and Jarrow."

5. The saints who are detailed in "The Age of Bede" lived in what two centuries according to Farmer?
(a) The fifth and sixth A.D.
(b) The sixth and seventh A.D.
(c) The fourth and fifth B.C.
(d) The sixth and seventh B.C.

Short Answer Questions

1. What term does Farmer use to identify a community of monks?

2. Why does Farmer credit this institution with the spread of monasteries in Ireland?

3. How many Latin manuscripts of this document does Farmer claim still exists?

4. What institution does Farmer suggest was responsible for the growth of monasteries in Ireland?

5. Which Irish apostle, according to Farmer, became famous for the founding of the Bobbio and Saint-Gall monasteries.

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