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When is Easter?

Wilfrid won a debate with Bishop Colman on the timing of the observation of Easter. Research what Wilfrid's position was based upon and discover what Colman supported. Compare both to what can be found of when the holiday actually occurred from the Bible.

Bede, The Father of English History

Research Bede's contributions to English history and show how his reports helped to shape Britain's perspective of its past and how his Christian perspective helped to shape the culture.

Irish v. Roman Christianity

D.H. Farmer reports that Irish and Roman Christianity initially conflicted with each other when they were first introduced. Investigate the history of both Irish and Roman Christian doctrine and practices and find the nature of the initial conflicts.

Celebrities from Northumbria

Farmer reports that Cuthbert was a Northumbrian as was Wilfrid. Find other historically significant figures and events that came from Northumbria...

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