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The Venerable Bede

This person was a pioneer English historian and author of the Lives of the Abbots and Life of Cuthbert. He is best known for his Ecclesiastical History of the English People and was made a Doctor of the Catholic Church by Pope Leo XIII in 1899.

Abbot Ceolfrith

This person was an Anglo-Saxon saint and ruled the Monkwearmouth-Jarrow Abbey. He died traveling to Rome to deliver a copy of the Bible to Pope Gregory I having stopped in Burgundy.

Bishop Wilfred

This person founded a monastery in Ripon after studying in Canterbury and Gaul.

St. Brendan

This person was a monk who was often known as the Navigator. He was an early Irish monk and saint and is the main character in a legend about his voyage to the Isle of the Blessed.

Abbot Benedict Biscop

This person founded the twin monasteries at Monkwearmouth and Jarrow...

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