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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Patrick say he will do if Timmy's mother Tilly doesn't return?

2. How long does Tilly say she'll be gone for?

3. What does Patrick do to Megan after he drops Timmy off at her house?

4. What had Patrick imagined Megan doing all day in Chapter 2?

5. In Chapter 4 where does Megan drive to on a Friday afternoon?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Patrick manage to get soaked in the rain shower?

2. How does Megan react to "The Bridges of Madison County"?

3. What does Patrick tease Megan about when they first meet?

4. Explain Megan's failed college engagement.

5. By Chapter 4, what had become a daily ritual for Megan and Timmy?

6. Why does Megan think it's a good thing that her parents have moved to Florida?

7. What does Megan decide she needs soon after Timmy leaves?

8. What does Patrick tell Megan about Tilly Coogan?

9. How does Megan end up promising to have supper with Patrick every night?

10. In what way was having Dave around the house "just like old times"?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Both Megan's and Patrick's families gather for a special holiday. Discuss the relationships that the protagonists have with their families in the novel "Thanksgiving".

Essay Topic 2

In the novel "Thanksgiving", there are two protagonists; Megan Murphy and Patrick Hunter. Describe these two characters in detail and the relationship between them.

Essay Topic 3

The largest hurdle that Megan and Patrick must overcome in their relationship is their fear of commitment. Discuss why both Megan and Patrick are afraid to commit to the relationship and how they go about overcoming their fears.

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