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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who do Patrick and Megan toast to as they drink in Chapter 5?
(a) Tibbles.
(b) Timmy.
(c) Their former lovers.
(d) Their parents.

2. What news does Patrick tell Dave about Megan in Chapter 9?
(a) That she is moving abroad.
(b) That she is engaged.
(c) That she has a new job.
(d) That she is pregnant.

3. Where are the Hunters planning to go for site-seeing in Chapter 7?
(a) Tennessee
(b) New York.
(c) North Carolina.
(d) Washington.

4. What does Patrick suggest he and Megan prepare for their Thanksgiving meal instead of the traditional fare?
(a) Pasta.
(b) Indian food.
(c) Fast food.
(d) Barbecue.

5. What did Megan sell her sports car to buy?
(a) A vacation.
(b) A kiln.
(c) Furniture.
(d) A house.

6. What is Megan's father's name?
(a) Dave.
(b) Jack.
(c) Carl.
(d) Mike.

7. Where did Megan's fiance Steve say he was going to do when he dumped her?
(a) Go on tour with his band.
(b) Transfer to another school.
(c) Join the foreign legion.
(d) Back home.

8. What date does Megan joke will be her wedding day?
(a) December 24th.
(b) January 1st.
(c) April 10th.
(d) June 14th.

9. What does Patrick say must be the life expectancy of Megan's boyfriends?
(a) Two years.
(b) Two weeks.
(c) Two days.
(d) Two hours.

10. What does Megan hope her father isn't wearing when he arrives?
(a) His dirty boots.
(b) His revolver.
(c) His "I'm with stupid" t-shirt.
(d) His police uniform.

11. In Chapter 5, where is Megan stationed for her weekend job?
(a) The silversmith's shop.
(b) The milliner's shop.
(c) The cooper's shop.
(d) The wig shop.

12. What is Dave's nickname for Megan?
(a) Sweet cheeks.
(b) Pudding pie.
(c) Meggity.
(d) Pumpkin.

13. What flower decorated the Thanksgiving dinner table?
(a) Chrysanthemums.
(b) Alliums.
(c) Poppies.
(d) Black-eyed Susans.

14. How does the clay feel in Megan's hands when she's working with it?
(a) Alive.
(b) Gross.
(c) Like mashed potatoes.
(d) Sticky.

15. What does Megan think is "a husbandly, loving sound."
(a) Shower water spraying against the stall door.
(b) Building a fire.
(c) Flipping through the newspaper.
(d) Brushing teeth.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Megan order at the hot dog joint?

2. What does Megan plan to do as soon as Timmy leaves with his parents?

3. What does Megan's father do when Patrick tells him Megan won't marry him?

4. Who refuses to eat the turkey at Thanksgiving dinner?

5. How does Megan define 'Hmmm'?

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