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Fashion Design

At the beginning of the novel Megan, as a visitors' guide, is dressed in a colonial costume. Research colonial fashion and design an outfit true to the times for a peasant and a wealthy man or woman.

Clay work

Megan earns the bulk of her living as a potter creating things like teapots. Create a dish or an object that is relevant to the novel using clay.

Marriage vows

From either Patrick's or Megan's perspective, compose the wedding vows he/she would say at their wedding.

Thanksgiving Cookbook

Have students choose favorite Thanksgiving recipes and collect them into a class cookbook. Additionally students can provide photographs or illustrations of the dishes for the book.

Thanksgiving Potluck

Food is mentioned throughout the novel. Have a class Thanksgiving-themed party where everyone brings in a prepared dish that has relevance to the novel. For example, peanut soup or "kamikaze...

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