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Essay Topic 1

Thanksgiving is not only the title of the book, but a central event in the novel as well. Discuss the holiday and traditions associated with Thanksgiving, and how the holiday is used to further the plot in the novel "Thanksgiving".

Essay Topic 2

The largest hurdle that Megan and Patrick must overcome in their relationship is their fear of commitment. Discuss why both Megan and Patrick are afraid to commit to the relationship and how they go about overcoming their fears.

Essay Topic 3

Megan and Patrick have many ups and downs throughout the narrative. Discuss conflict in the novel "Thanksgiving". What are some common reasons for conflict between the leads? How do they resolve them?

Essay Topic 4

Marriage is a constant element of the novel "Thanksgiving." Discuss the idea of marriage in the novel and how Megan and Patrick deal with the ever- present pressure associated with...

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