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Short Answer Questions

1. Prospero gives Ferdinand a hard time in order to

2. Prospero was formerly the Duke of

3. Antonio castigates the Boatswain during the storm, because he believes the sailors are

4. Prospero and Miranda were not killed when expelled from Milan because

5. What is one of Sebastian's reservations about Antonio's plan in Act II, Scene I?

Short Essay Questions

1. During the storm, what can the audience already infer about Gonzalo's character and why?

2. How does Caliban parallel some of Prospero's characteristics in Act II, Scene II?

3. In Act III, Scene I, what contrasts are shown between Ferdinand and Miranda?

4. Alonso helped Antonio usurp Prospero's throne. Why does Prospero have Ariel lull him to sleep? What does this scene say about Alonso's character?

5. In Act II, Scene II, why does Caliban drop to the ground when Trinculo appears?

6. How are Miranda and Ferdinand different, but also the same?

7. What function in the play is served by Act II, Scene II with Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban?

8. What is the metaphorical significance of the storm at sea in the exposition of the play?

9. How do Ferdinand's and Miranda's positive qualities function in terms of the other characters?

10. In Act II, Scene I, Ariel lulls Gonzalo, Adrian and Alonso to sleep. Why not Antonio and Sebastian?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Does Prospero truly undergo a "transformation" by the end of The Tempest? What is the evidence to prove or disprove this?

Essay Topic 2

Who and what is Ariel? He was already on the island before Prospero arrived, but all of the other spirits are conjured by Prospero. They only exist within the play because Prospero bids them. Does Ariel fall into this category, or is he an independent spirit? If Ariel has his own magical powers, why does he serve Prospero when he could use his powers to leave? Support your response with specific examples from the play.

Essay Topic 3

Based on Prospero's character throughout the play and your personal thoughts on whether or not he truly underwent a "transformation," write an epilogue for The Tempest. Five or ten years following their departure from the island, write what you believe would happen over the course of that time given what you understand about the play and what seems most logical. What happens to all of the characters?

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