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Short Answer Questions

1. The beginning of The Tempest takes place

2. What does Miranda do when Ferdinand confesses his love for her?

3. Although the ship passengers believe the ship is gone, it is actually

4. The two spirits who reside on the island with Prospero and Miranda are

5. What does Trinculo want to do with Caliban in order to make money?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Prospero make it difficult for Ferdinand to be with Miranda?

2. Who does Prospero refer to as "the rabble" prior to the magical performance with the dancing spirits?

3. After Ariel tells Prospero where Antonio, Alonso, and Sebastian are, what causes Prospero to realize that it is not revenge he wants, but penitence?

4. How does Caliban reveal his humane side in Act III, Scene II?

5. How do you think Miranda's and Ferdinand's union can positively affect Prospero?

6. How, or how not, is Prospero similar to Antonio in Act IV, Scene I?

7. How does Ariel instill remorse in some of the characters when he appears following the banquet?

8. What is the metaphorical significance of the play's title, "The Tempest"?

9. How do Ferdinand's and Miranda's positive qualities function in terms of the other characters?

10. Why does Miranda regret telling Ferdinand her name so quickly?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

"We are such stuff/As dreams are made on." Who says this in a famous soliloquy in "The Tempest?" What is the meaning of this verse? What is its significance in regard to the rest of the play?

Essay Topic 2

Who and what is Ariel? He was already on the island before Prospero arrived, but all of the other spirits are conjured by Prospero. They only exist within the play because Prospero bids them. Does Ariel fall into this category, or is he an independent spirit? If Ariel has his own magical powers, why does he serve Prospero when he could use his powers to leave? Support your response with specific examples from the play.

Essay Topic 3

Alonso's character is the only person to appear remorseful for his past misdeeds. Do you believe his remorse to be genuine, or is he as unrepentant as Antonio and Sebastian? Why, or why not? Cite evidence from the play.

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