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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Although the ship passengers believe the ship is gone, it is actually
(a) At the bottom of the sea.
(b) At another island.
(c) Hidden.
(d) On fire.

2. The only two men Miranda has seen prior to meeting Ferdinand are
(a) Prospero and Trinculo.
(b) Prospero and Ferdinand.
(c) Prospero and Caliban.
(d) Prospero and Gonzalo.

3. What is the strange noise that Gonzalo claims he heard?
(a) Twigs breaking.
(b) Alonso talking in his sleep.
(c) Antonio's and Sebastian's whispering.
(d) Ariel's singing.

4. Antonio castigates the Boatswain during the storm, because he believes the sailors are
(a) Disrespectful.
(b) Incompetent.
(c) Sluggish.
(d) Drunk.

5. What does Prospero think about Ferdinand's and Miranda's attraction to each other?
(a) That it is part of his grand plan.
(b) That it is immoral.
(c) That it is foolish.
(d) That it will destroy his grand plan.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Ariel completes his duties, Prospero promises to

2. Who is not lulled to sleep in Act II, Scene I?

3. What does Prospero say in his soliloquy about Miranda and Ferdinand?

4. What does Miranda urge Ferdinand to do while he is working?

5. Alonso becomes more distraught after losing his son, remembering that he has also lost

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Prospero render Ferdinand immobile during Act I, Scene II?

2. What does Ariel do when Antonio and Sebastian draw their swords and why?

3. What is the intention of Prospero's plan when he has Ariel lead Ferdinand to Miranda?

4. What is Trinculo's plan for Caliban when he sees that he is actually a man?

5. What is the tempest in Ariel's and Prospero's relationship?

6. Why does Prospero make it difficult for Ferdinand to be with Miranda?

7. How does the audience learn about Ariel's past on the island?

8. How does the audience learn about Caliban's past on the island?

9. What is the metaphorical significance of the storm at sea in the exposition of the play?

10. How can Prospero's use/treatment of Miranda be characterized?

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