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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. The Tempest is considered one of Shakespeare's
(a) Later works.
(b) Earlier works.
(c) Modern works.
(d) Romantic works.

2. What does Caliban beg of Stephano when he first meets him?
(a) To help him off the island.
(b) To sing for him.
(c) To get Trinculo out from under his robes.
(d) To be left alone.

3. Who leads Ferdinand to Prospero?
(a) Miranda.
(b) Caliban.
(c) Alonso.
(d) Ariel.

4. The only two men Miranda has seen prior to meeting Ferdinand are
(a) Prospero and Gonzalo.
(b) Prospero and Caliban.
(c) Prospero and Trinculo.
(d) Prospero and Ferdinand.

5. What keeps Ferdinand going as he does Prospero's work?
(a) His willingness to do anything for Miranda.
(b) The possibility of being let go and leaving the island.
(c) The promise of being reunited with his father.
(d) His desire to prove that he is good at everything.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sebastian wonder about Antonio and his usurpation of Prospero's throne?

2. What is Caliban happiest about after he meets Trinculo and Stephano?

3. The beginning of The Tempest takes place

4. In Act I, Scene II, what does Prospero promise Ariel yet again?

5. The only nobleman who has a calm and positive attitude during the storm at sea is

Short Essay Questions

1. How can Prospero's use/treatment of Miranda be characterized?

2. In Act II, Scene II, why does Caliban drop to the ground when Trinculo appears?

3. In Act III, Scene I, Ferdinand recites a soliloquy as he stacks wood. What does he talk about?

4. What does the initial scene at sea foreshadow in the play?

5. What does the drunken Stephano think he sees when he happens upon Caliban and Trinculo?

6. Why does Prospero render Ferdinand immobile during Act I, Scene II?

7. How do Ferdinand's and Miranda's positive qualities function in terms of the other characters?

8. During the storm, what can the audience already infer about Antonio's character and why?

9. What is the intention of Prospero's plan when he has Ariel lead Ferdinand to Miranda?

10. How does the audience learn about Caliban's past on the island?

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