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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Prospero comment on in regard to Gonzalo?
(a) His courage.
(b) His intelligence.
(c) His honor.
(d) His meekness.

2. Who does Prospero feel betrayed by in Act IV, Scene I?
(a) Caliban.
(b) Sebastian.
(c) Alonso.
(d) Antonio.

3. What does Prospero say to Antonio and Sebastian on the side?
(a) That he will kill them if they kill Alonso.
(b) That he does not really forgive them.
(c) That he knows about their assassination plan.
(d) That they are evil people.

4. What do Ariel and Prospero do to disguise themselves from Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) They dress up in camouflage clothing.
(b) They float into the air.
(c) They become invisible.
(d) They hide in the tree tops.

5. Who does Ariel bring back at Prospero's request?
(a) Trinculo.
(b) The Boatswain.
(c) Caliban.
(d) Stepahno.

6. What does Prospero order Ariel to do when Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban run off?
(a) To run them off a cliff.
(b) To follow them with the imagined hunting dogs.
(c) To kill the three when he catches them.
(d) To make a deal with them so that they do not kill Prospero.

7. In the false banquet scene, Gonzalo catches on to Antonio's and Sebastian's plan but identifies the wrong motivation for it. What does he believe their motivation to be?
(a) Guilt for past deeds.
(b) Desire for blood.
(c) Lust for Miranda.
(d) Desire for power.

8. What does Prospero ask in his soliloquy at the play's end?
(a) To leave the island.
(b) For the audience's applause.
(c) To be left alone.
(d) For a moment of silence to reflect.

9. By the beginning of Act III, Scene II, what is the state of Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) Mad.
(b) Elated.
(c) Drunk.
(d) Sick.

10. In speaking to Stephano, what does Caliban describe as very important?
(a) Miranda.
(b) Learning how to fight.
(c) Prospero's books.
(d) Taking over the island.

11. What is the banquet supposed to elicit in the men?
(a) Lust.
(b) Hunger.
(c) Sorrow.
(d) Temptation.

12. What does Prospero tease Stephano about at the end of the play?
(a) His partnership with Caliban.
(b) The gaudy apparel he has on.
(c) Wanting to be king.
(d) How easy it was to fool him.

13. In the false banquet scene, what characteristic of Gonzalo is revealed that he shares with Miranda and Ferdinand?
(a) Selflessness.
(b) Naivety.
(c) Intelligence.
(d) Purity.

14. Why do Trinculo and Stephano threaten to beat Caliban?
(a) They believe he is lying to them about the island spirit.
(b) They think he will back out of their plan to murder Prospero.
(c) They think he is leading them in circles.
(d) They believe he lost their bottles of wine.

15. Why does Prospero want the men to see a banquet and then have it taken away?
(a) So that they will starve.
(b) To exert his own power over them.
(c) To show them that their power is fleeting.
(d) To allow Ariel to feel what power is like.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is Gonzalo's comments about the dancing nymphs important during the banquet scene?

2. What are Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban arguing about in their drunken stupor?

3. What does Prospero comment on in regard to Alonso and Antonio?

4. Who are "the rabble"?

5. Why does Prospero abruptly stop the marriage ceremony and change his mood?

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