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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which character says: "We are such stuff/As dreams are made on"?
(a) Miranda.
(b) Prospero.
(c) Ariel.
(d) Gonzalo.

2. Where are the other men, following the drunken scene with Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban?
(a) Back on the boat, happy to be leaving.
(b) Drinking the bottles of wine they found.
(c) They are dead.
(d) In a cave, grieving and apologetic.

3. Who accuses Alonso, Antonio and Sebastian of being the men of sin?
(a) Prospero.
(b) Ariel.
(c) Gonzalo.
(d) The dancing spirits.

4. At the beginning of Act III, Scene II, who does Caliban vow to serve?
(a) Trinculo.
(b) Prospero..
(c) Stephano.
(d) Miranda

5. What are Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban arguing about in their drunken stupor?
(a) Which one of them will marry Miranda.
(b) How they will kill Prospero.
(c) Where the ship has gone.
(d) Whether or not they have been fooled by the island spirit.

6. What do Ariel and Prospero do to disguise themselves from Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) They become invisible.
(b) They hide in the tree tops.
(c) They float into the air.
(d) They dress up in camouflage clothing.

7. What does Prospero say about Caliban's distorted looks?
(a) That they are not his fault.
(b) That his manners are equally as distorted.
(c) That they are not his true visage.
(d) That they parallel the ugliness of the other men's actions.

8. At the beginning of Act IV, Scene I, what does Prospero tell Ferdinand?
(a) He will teach him magic from his books.
(b) The trials he has endured were tests of love.
(c) He will never be allowed to marry Miranda.
(d) He has more chores for him to do.

9. What sound does Prospero conjure to frighten Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban?
(a) The sound of hunting dogs.
(b) Screams of the other men.
(c) The sound of cracking thunder.
(d) Whispers in the forest.

10. Why does Alonso believe, following the false banquet, that Ferdinand is dead?
(a) Because they would have found him by now.
(b) Because he is a corrupt and evil king.
(c) Because he played a role in Prospero's and Miranda's banishment.
(d) Because the dancing spirits showed him Ferdinand's dead body.

11. What does Prospero throw into the ocean?
(a) His magic book.
(b) His magical staff.
(c) His king's robe.
(d) His old crown.

12. What story does Prospero tell Alonso, Gonzalo, Sebastian and Antonio?
(a) The story about how he learned magic.
(b) The story of how Ferdinand and Miranda met.
(c) The story about the island.
(d) The story of Caliban's witch mother, Sycorax.

13. What distracts Trinculo and Stephano from their original plan?
(a) The clothes Prospero set out, which they try on.
(b) Their fear of the island spirit Caliban spoke of.
(c) The mysterious sounds in the forest.
(d) Caliban's distorted visage.

14. How does Prospero's speech differ from his normal speech?
(a) It is more poetic.
(b) It is forthcoming.
(c) It does not differ from his normal speech.
(d) It is deluded and illogical.

15. What does Caliban ask Stephano to do?
(a) Take him with him off of the island.
(b) Kill Prospero.
(c) Kill Trinculo.
(d) Help kidnap Miranda.

Short Answer Questions

1. Under what circumstances will Prospero curse Ferdinand's and Miranda's marriage?

2. What does Prospero realize about himself when Ariel tells him about the men in the cave?

3. In Act V, Scene I, who do Sebastian and Antonio make jokes about after Ariel brings everyone back?

4. After sending Ariel to release the men from the cave, what does Prospero vow to do?

5. What does Caliban curse himself for foolishly believing?

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