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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the banquet supposed to elicit in the men?
(a) Sorrow.
(b) Temptation.
(c) Lust.
(d) Hunger.

2. Who provides music and sings along with Stephano and Trinculo?
(a) Nymphs.
(b) Prospero.
(c) Ariel.
(d) Miranda.

3. What are Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban arguing about in their drunken stupor?
(a) Whether or not they have been fooled by the island spirit.
(b) How they will kill Prospero.
(c) Which one of them will marry Miranda.
(d) Where the ship has gone.

4. What do Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian and Gonzalo learn about the ship in Act V, Scene I?
(a) That the ship and crew are safe.
(b) That the ship has been destroyed.
(c) That the ship and crew set sail without them.
(d) That all of the crew are dead.

5. What does Prospero tease Stephano about at the end of the play?
(a) Wanting to be king.
(b) His partnership with Caliban.
(c) The gaudy apparel he has on.
(d) How easy it was to fool him.

6. What motif does the scene between Caliban, Trinculo and Stephano and their assassination plan reflect?
(a) The magic motif.
(b) The Ariel motif.
(c) The tempest motif.
(d) The conspiracy motif.

7. What distracts Trinculo and Stephano from their original plan?
(a) The clothes Prospero set out, which they try on.
(b) Caliban's distorted visage.
(c) Their fear of the island spirit Caliban spoke of.
(d) The mysterious sounds in the forest.

8. What part of the scene in which Caliban plans the assassination is somewhat poetic and shows the depth of Caliban?
(a) His request for Trinculo and Stephano to sing.
(b) His anger and spite against Prospero.
(c) His wish to marry Miranda.
(d) His speech about the magic of the island.

9. What does Prospero comment on in regard to Alonso and Antonio?
(a) Their stupidity.
(b) Their penitence.
(c) Their kindness.
(d) Their cruelty.

10. What spirits does Prospero conjure after blessing Ferdinand and Miranda's marriage?
(a) Ariel, Iris and Ceres.
(b) Sycorax, Juno and Iris.
(c) Sycoraz, Ceres and Iris.
(d) Juno, Iris and Ceres.

11. Who listens in on Caliban's and Stephano's conversation?
(a) Trinculo.
(b) Prospero.
(c) Ferdinand.
(d) Ariel.

12. What does Prospero ask in his soliloquy at the play's end?
(a) To be left alone.
(b) For a moment of silence to reflect.
(c) For the audience's applause.
(d) To leave the island.

13. What does Prospero realize about himself when Ariel tells him about the men in the cave?
(a) That he is delighted the men are so miserable.
(b) That he is mad with power.
(c) That he does not want to leave the island.
(d) That all he desired was their apology.

14. What does Prospero comment on in regard to Antonio and Sebastian?
(a) Their ingenuity.
(b) Their ambition.
(c) Their kindness.
(d) Their sincerity.

15. What is the parallel to Trinculo and Stephano dressing up in borrowed clothes?
(a) Caliban borrowing the men's wine.
(b) Antonio's and Sebastian's borrowed power.
(c) Ariel borrowing Prospero's magical powers.
(d) Prospero's borrowing of Ferdinand.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Trinculo and Stephano wonder where the music is coming from, what is Caliban's reasoning?

2. In speaking to Stephano, what does Caliban describe as very important?

3. Who does Ariel bring back at Prospero's request?

4. What does Prospero conjure in order to derange Alonso, Gonzalo, Antonio and Sebastian while they are resting?

5. Why do Sebastian and Antonio vow to help Alonso find Ferdinand following the banquet?

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