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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Sebastian wonder about Antonio and his usurpation of Prospero's throne?
(a) How hard it is to be the king.
(b) If it plagues his conscience.
(c) If Antonio will do it to him.
(d) If he is as courageous as Antonio.

2. Although coming from different worlds, Miranda and Ferdinand are similar because of their
(a) Innocence.
(b) Fathers.
(c) Moral beliefs.
(d) Age.

3. In Act I, Scene II, what does Prospero promise to Ariel for the second time?
(a) To allow him to marry Miranda.
(b) To bring him back to Milan with Prospero.
(c) To put him back in the tree if he does not obey.
(d) To free him once he completes Prospero's orders.

4. Trinculo views Caliban's willingness to serve as a sign of what?
(a) Genious.
(b) Weakess.
(c) Ambition.
(d) Stupidity.

5. What does Ferdinand say about Miranda in comparison to all of the women he has encountered?
(a) That he has never met one as beautiful as she.
(b) That she would not understand royal life.
(c) That she is simple-minded and not as exotic.
(d) That she is much nicer than the other women.

6. What does Miranda urge Ferdinand to do while he is working?
(a) To not work so hard.
(b) To leave her alone.
(c) To work harder.
(d) To run away.

7. What does Caliban believe Trinculo to be?
(a) Another torturous spirit.
(b) Miranda's new suitor.
(c) One of the sailors washed ashore.
(d) A pillager come to ruin the island.

8. Prospero gained his power from his books and
(a) The boat.
(b) The island.
(c) Ariel.
(d) Miranda.

9. Alonso becomes more distraught after losing his son, remembering that he has also lost
(a) his daughter.
(b) his men.
(c) his sanity.
(d) his kingdom.

10. When awakened, Alonso asks Sebastian and Antonio why they have their swords drawn. What is their excuse?
(a) They were seeing whose sword was bigger.
(b) They were practicing their swordsmanship.
(c) They heard something and were preparing to protect everyone.
(d) They were having a heated argument.

11. What does Caliban beg of Stephano when he first meets him?
(a) To help him off the island.
(b) To get Trinculo out from under his robes.
(c) To be left alone.
(d) To sing for him.

12. The two men who retreat to their cabins during the storm are
(a) Alonso and Gonzalo.
(b) Antonio and Gonzalo.
(c) Alonso and Antonio.
(d) Alonso and Ferdinand.

13. Why does Stephano believe that Caliban and Trinculo are some sort of wild beasts when he sees them under the blanket?
(a) He is ignorant.
(b) He has little education.
(c) He has bad vision.
(d) He is drunk.

14. Prospero's magical power comes from
(a) Ariel.
(b) His staff.
(c) His books.
(d) The trees.

15. Prospero seeks revenge against
(a) Alonso and Ferdinand.
(b) Antonio and Sebastian.
(c) Antonio and Gonzalo.
(d) Antonio, Alonso and Sebastian.

Short Answer Questions

1. When he was Duke of Milan, Prospero turned his duties over to

2. Who assures Miranda that Ferdinand is a man and not a spirit?

3. As Caliban becomes drunk, what is one of the things he promises to Trinculo and Stephano?

4. At the end of Act II, Scene II, what is Caliban doing?

5. How does one character finally get Caliban to calm down in Act II, Scene II?

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