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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Prospero promises to free Ariel in
(a) Two days.
(b) In a week.
(c) In one day.
(d) In three days.

2. When Ferdinand sees Miranda for the first time, he believes she is a
(a) Spirit.
(b) Nymph.
(c) Mirage.
(d) Witch.

3. The only two men Miranda has seen prior to meeting Ferdinand are
(a) Prospero and Gonzalo.
(b) Prospero and Ferdinand.
(c) Prospero and Trinculo.
(d) Prospero and Caliban.

4. What does Caliban beg of Stephano when he first meets him?
(a) To get Trinculo out from under his robes.
(b) To help him off the island.
(c) To be left alone.
(d) To sing for him.

5. Who leads Ferdinand to Prospero?
(a) Caliban.
(b) Miranda.
(c) Alonso.
(d) Ariel.

6. Prior to Prospero's arrival on the island, Ariel was imprisoned by
(a) Nymphs.
(b) Sycorax.
(c) Juno.
(d) Iris.

7. Miranda at first took pity on Caliban and tried to
(a) Teach him how to read.
(b) Teach him how to sing.
(c) Teach him how to speak.
(d) Teach him how to write.

8. Why does Stephano believe that Caliban and Trinculo are some sort of wild beasts when he sees them under the blanket?
(a) He is drunk.
(b) He is ignorant.
(c) He has little education.
(d) He has bad vision.

9. The beginning of The Tempest takes place
(a) In Tunis.
(b) At a wedding ceremony.
(c) At sea.
(d) In Milan.

10. What is Caliban happiest about after he meets Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) That he now knows what wine is.
(b) That the two men are not more torturous spirits.
(c) That he is free from Prospero.
(d) That he has made new friends.

11. Who is watching Ferdinand and Miranda from a distance in Act III, Scene I?
(a) Caliban.
(b) Ariel.
(c) Alonso.
(d) Prospero.

12. In his soliloquy, what does Ferdinand say makes his job easier?
(a) His natural strength.
(b) The nice weather.
(c) Thoughts of Miranda.
(d) Prospero's kindness.

13. What does Ferdinand protest when Prospero accuses him of wanting to take over the island?
(a) His social status.
(b) His intelligence.
(c) His innocence.
(d) His right to the island as Prince of Naples.

14. Trinculo wants to take Caliban back to where?
(a) Milan.
(b) Naples.
(c) Tunis.
(d) Carthage.

15. Antonio is the brother of
(a) Sebastian.
(b) Alonso.
(c) Prospero.
(d) Ferdinand.

Short Answer Questions

1. The only nobleman who has a calm and positive attitude during the storm at sea is

2. What does Sebastian wonder about Antonio and his usurpation of Prospero's throne?

3. Caliban wanted to populate the island with

4. What does Miranda impulsively do in Act III, Scene I?

5. In Act I, Scene II, what does Prospero promise Ariel yet again?

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