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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Caliban wanted to populate the island with
(a) Coconut trees.
(b) Lizards.
(c) Other spirits.
(d) His children.

2. Which of the lords is the only person who tries comforting Alonso, who believes his son is gone?
(a) Antonio.
(b) Adrian.
(c) Sebastian.
(d) Gonzalo.

3. Ferdinand is surprised by Miranda, because she
(a) Thinks he is a spirit.
(b) Has a magical father.
(c) Is so beautiful.
(d) Speaks his language.

4. The only two men Miranda has seen prior to meeting Ferdinand are
(a) Prospero and Trinculo.
(b) Prospero and Ferdinand.
(c) Prospero and Gonzalo.
(d) Prospero and Caliban.

5. What is one thing about Caliban that Stephano finds amazing?
(a) His stupidity.
(b) His willingness to serve.
(c) His garish robe.
(d) His ability to talk.

6. In Act I, Scene II, what does Prospero promise to Ariel for the second time?
(a) To allow him to marry Miranda.
(b) To bring him back to Milan with Prospero.
(c) To free him once he completes Prospero's orders.
(d) To put him back in the tree if he does not obey.

7. What does Ferdinand say about Miranda in comparison to all of the women he has encountered?
(a) That she is much nicer than the other women.
(b) That he has never met one as beautiful as she.
(c) That she is simple-minded and not as exotic.
(d) That she would not understand royal life.

8. When Act II, Scene II opens, what is Caliban doing?
(a) Looking for Miranda.
(b) Cursing Prospero.
(c) Carrying jugs of water.
(d) Running from torturous spirits.

9. What does Miranda tell Ferdinand after he meets Prospero for the first time?
(a) Prospero is usually much kinder.
(b) Prospero is planning to kill him.
(c) Prospero wants them to marry.
(d) Prospero wants to kill Ferdinand's father.

10. What is Prospero's reasoning for why Miranda believes that Ferdinand is the most beautiful man she has ever known?
(a) He treats her well and loves her.
(b) She has only ever seen Prospero and Caliban before him.
(c) He is a prince and will inherit the kingdom of Naples.
(d) He is intelligent and understands her.

11. What does the scene between Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban provide to the reader?
(a) Complexity.
(b) Frightening tension.
(c) Enlightening insight.
(d) Comic relief.

12. When awakened, Alonso asks Sebastian and Antonio why they have their swords drawn. What is their excuse?
(a) They were practicing their swordsmanship.
(b) They were seeing whose sword was bigger.
(c) They were having a heated argument.
(d) They heard something and were preparing to protect everyone.

13. As Caliban becomes drunk, what is one of the things he promises to Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) He promises to help mend their clothes.
(b) He promises to help them off of the island.
(c) He promises to leave them alone.
(d) He promises to serve them.

14. At the beginning of Act III, Scene I, what does Prospero have Ferdinand doing?
(a) Preparing food.
(b) Stacking firewood.
(c) Mending his clothes.
(d) Building a fire.

15. What is Caliban happiest about after he meets Trinculo and Stephano?
(a) That the two men are not more torturous spirits.
(b) That he now knows what wine is.
(c) That he is free from Prospero.
(d) That he has made new friends.

Short Answer Questions

1. Gonzalo's attempt to comfort his king are mocked by whom?

2. Miranda at first took pity on Caliban and tried to

3. Trinculo wants to take Caliban back to where?

4. What does Prospero say in his soliloquy about Miranda and Ferdinand?

5. What does Caliban believe Trinculo to be?

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