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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 1.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In order to render Ferdinand defenseless after he draws his sword, Prospero
(a) uses his magic to send him back to the ship.
(b) threatens to take Miranda away.
(c) uses his magic to immobilize him.
(d) talks to him sensibly.

2. Alonso becomes more distraught after losing his son, remembering that he has also lost
(a) his kingdom.
(b) his sanity.
(c) his daughter.
(d) his men.

3. Which of the lords is the only person who tries comforting Alonso, who believes his son is gone?
(a) Sebastian.
(b) Gonzalo.
(c) Antonio.
(d) Adrian.

4. Who lulls the lords searching for Ferdinand into a deep sleep during their banter?
(a) Prospero.
(b) Ariel.
(c) Miranda.
(d) Caliban.

5. What is Prospero's reasoning for why Miranda believes that Ferdinand is the most beautiful man she has ever known?
(a) He is intelligent and understands her.
(b) He is a prince and will inherit the kingdom of Naples.
(c) He treats her well and loves her.
(d) She has only ever seen Prospero and Caliban before him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Alonso's son is

2. Antonio castigates the Boatswain during the storm, because he believes the sailors are

3. After Ariel completes his duties, Prospero promises to

4. Who assures Miranda that Ferdinand is a man and not a spirit?

5. What does Prospero think about Ferdinand's and Miranda's attraction to each other?

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