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Act 1, Scene 1

• Banished by his brother, Antonio, fifteen years ago from his position as Duke of Milan, Prospero sees his enemies at sea from his magical island and creates a storm.
• Antonio, Sebastian, Alonso, Gonzalo, Ferdinand and Adrian are among the passengers on the ship and are ordered by the Boatswain to go below.
• Antonio yells at the Boatswain for losing control of his sailors, while Gonzalo urges his fellow passengers to go below.

• Eventually, the passengers go below deck as the sailors cry out that the ship is breaking apart.

Act 1, Scene 2, Part 1

• Miranda watches the ship from the island and becomes concerned.

• Prospero tells her the story of how they came to the island: Fifteen years ago his brother Antonio, aided by Sebastian and Alonso, the King of Naples, usurped Prospero's position and banished Prospero and Miranda to the sea.

• Alonso gave Prospero his coveted magic...

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