Stone Fox Fun Activities

John Reynolds Gardiner
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Matchbook Chapter Summaries

Take slips of paper, approximately 3-l/2" x 6". Fold about 1/2" piece at the bottom. Then fold the remaining length of the paper in half until the top half meets the crease you have made. Tuck the half into the small fold you have made at the bottom. Your paper will now resemble a matchbook.

On the front of each paper, draw a picture that has the chapter number and something about the chapter on the front. On the inside of the paper,.write 3-5 sentences that summarize the chapter.

When all ten chapter summaries have been drawn and summarized, arrange your chapters inside a manilla file folder.

Character Cards

Pick Five Characters from the book. Make a playing card for each that lists five descriptions about that character. Once cards are completed, students can play a character identification game. Teacher collects the card and then reads...

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