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Short Answer Questions

1. Daisy foresees that her children will make certain inferences based on what?

2. Much of what Daisy has left for her family is what?

3. Daisy has a heart attack and subsequent failure of what?

4. Daisy alternates between being completely normal and what?

5. Who was haunted by Daisy's birth until they died, according to chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. What interesting thing does Daisy foresee her children learning about for the first time after she is gone?

2. How does Daisy make use of her imagination in chapter ten?

3. Describe what sort of attitude Daisy has and how this is shown in what she leaves behind.

4. What is the relationship between Daisy and her daughter, Alice?

5. What do you feel Daisy's bridge group symbolizes?

6. Based on everything you've read up to the end of chapter nine, do you feel that Daisy was a good wife and mother?

7. In what negative way is the image of stone used in chapter eight?

8. In what positive way is the image of stone used in chapter eight?

9. Describe how Daisy deals with people in chapter nine.

10. What is the overall feeling that you get from everyone's opinion of the source of Daisy's depression?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

There is a conflict between Daisy and her daughter, Alice. Alice feels that Daisy is inferior in some way. Using examples from the story, describe whether or not you agree with Alice and the reasons behind your choice. Also, explain why you think that adult children often feel superior to their parents.

Essay Topic 2

Describe, in detail, what you think would have happened if Daisy's first husband had lived. For instance, do you think Daisy would have stayed married to her first husband if he had lived or left him? Also, if Daisy did stay with her first husband, what do you think would have happened to Barker Flett? Be sure to give several examples from the story to back up your opinions.

Essay Topic 3

All of Daisy's family members and friends volunteer possible reasons for Daisy's depression at some point. Explain, in detail, what your own opinion is on the reason that Daisy falls into a depression. Also, if you concur with one or more of Daisy's friends and family members, list which people you agree with and use examples from the story to illustrate why you agree with those people.

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