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Short Answer Questions

1. What state is Cuyler traveling to to find work?

2. Besides Daisy's father and a neighbor, who else witnesses Daisy's birth?

3. Barker fantasizes about whom?

4. What is Mrs. Flett's husband's name?

5. Harold is tormented by the mystery surrounding whose death?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is Mercy a good wife?

2. Why might Daisy have not described the first eleven years of her life?

3. How is Barker Flett's personal life described, in chapter four, prior to marrying Daisy?

4. Describe Cuyler's attitude toward stone and sculptures.

5. How does stone play a role in chapter five?

6. Do you feel that it was fair for Cuyler to give Daisy to Mrs. Flett?

7. In chapter five, Daisy doesn't seem to talk about any major events for once. What do the sudden change in feel and attitude in chapter five indicate?

8. What is Barker's reaction to Daisy's wedding?

9. Why do you think that Daisy and her family are restless, in chapter five?

10. Describe the difference in attitude about the state of Daisy's life between Daisy and her friend, Fraidy.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

It's clear that Daisy's imagination plays a key role in the story. Choose any portion of the book that you feel was mostly built on Daisy's own imaginings and describe why you feel that way. Then, describe how you feel that part of the book might have actually happened, without Daisy's embellishments. Also, using an example from your own life, explain how you think embellishing a situation or "spinning the facts" can be good or bad.

Essay Topic 2

After Daisy's first husband dies, Daisy marries Barker Flett, whom she used to refer to as "Uncle Barker".

Part 1: Describe, in detail, how the relationship between Daisy and Barker Flett developed, as the book progressed.

Part 2: Explain whether or not you think their relationship was good or bad and the reasons for your choice.

Part 3: Do you feel like Daisy wanted to marry Barker specifically, or just wanted to be somebody's wife, regardless of who that person was? Use examples from the story to back up your reasoning.

Essay Topic 3

Describe, in detail, what you think would have happened if Daisy's first husband had lived. For instance, do you think Daisy would have stayed married to her first husband if he had lived or left him? Also, if Daisy did stay with her first husband, what do you think would have happened to Barker Flett? Be sure to give several examples from the story to back up your opinions.

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