The Stone Diaries Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe Mercy's manner and appearance.

Mercy Stone Goodwill is an obese, childlike woman who takes pleasure in food, cooking, and little else.

2. What was Mercy's background?

Mercy was abandoned as an infant and grew up in an orphanage where all of the children were given the surname Stone.

3. Is Mercy a good wife?

Although Mercy performs all of her wifely duties without complaint, she seems confused by many of them, including sex. She is, however, a good wife in the sense of being a homemaker and cook.

4. Describe Cuyler Goodwill.

Cuyler, who works in a quarry, is much smaller than his wife, Mercy. Since Cuyler didn't know love as a child, he thrives on the love he feels for his wife, Mercy, as an adult.

5. Who has more control in the Goodwill's relationship?

Though Cuyler Goodwill works in a quarry and brings in money for the family, his wife, Mercy is the key to his happiness. So, in many ways, Mercy is in charge, since Cuyler would do anything for her.

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