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Mercy Goodwill's Kitchen

This place is where Mercy felt most at ease during her short married life with Cuyler. This is also the place that Mercy died.

The Tyndall Stone

On the day she died, Mercy placed this item on top of a plate, which covered a bowl of pudding she was preparing for that night's dessert. This item is characterized as one of the witnesses to Daisy's birth.

Cuyler's Monument to Mercy

While he is mourning his wife's death, Cuyler constructs this object, which began with the single stone that was her grave marker.

Bloomington, Indiana

This place is the home of the thriving limestone industry of the early twentieth century. This is where Cuyler made his money and changed from a simple quarry man to a successful businessman. This place comes to represent a place of affluence in the novel, though neither love nor art is...

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