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Essay Topic 1

Daisy's mother's first name is Mercy. Based on the description of Mercy in the beginning of the book, as well as references to her throughout the book, do you feel that her name was appropriate for her character? In other words, was anything about Mercy's life actually merciful? Use several examples from the story to back up your opinion. Also, be sure that you explain whether or not you feel that Mercy's death was merciful and, if so, to whom?

Essay Topic 2

There are several relationships between couples in the story. However, each one seems to be somewhat dysfunctional.

Part 1. Choose any couple in the story and describe their relationship and the problems with it.

Part 2. Describe what you would to to correct the problems if you were part of that couple.

Part 3. Explain whether or not you think that some conflict is actually good in...

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