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Mid-Book Test - Hard

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Short Answer Questions

1. While visiting him in his hideaway, what disclosure does Leigh-Cheri make to Bernard about how he makes her feel?

2. What is the only serious question mentioned in Chapter Two?

3. What happens to the writer's finger last week?

4. Who is the juggler mentioned by the writer?

5. Who does Leigh-Cheri miss when she stays with Bernard in Chapter Thirty-Nine?

Short Essay Questions

1. What goes wrong with the conference in Chapter Thirty-Six?

2. What question does the People magazine journalist, Reed Jarvis, ask Leigh-Cheri that ends up bringing tears to her eyes as she responds?

3. Why does Leigh-Cheri visit the pyramid the night before her wedding to A'ben Fizel?

4. In what way does the writer begin Chapter Eighteen?

5. What mishaps do not endear Bernard to Queen Tilli?

6. How do the authorities finally find Bernard to arrest him?

7. How did Gulietta become queen of the Furstenberg-Barcalonas' homeland?

8. Why does Montana Judy, Bernard's outlaw girlfriend, turn him in to the police? What happens to him because he was turned in?

9. What are the concerns King Max and Queen Tilli discuss about their daughter while she is away at the conference?

10. What kind of ending did this novel have?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

In the beginning of the story, Leigh-Cheri is infatuated with Ralph Nader. Who is he? What does he stand for? Why do you think he was chosen to be the recipient of her devotion?

Essay Topic 2

What does Leigh-Cheri learn from her solitary existence in the attic?

Essay Topic 3

Why did Bernard want to have his day in court? What was he hoping to prove?

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