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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Leigh-Cheri go at midnight the night before her wedding?
(a) To a night club.
(b) Home to her parents.
(c) The pyramid.
(d) To bed.

2. What is happening to King Max after he moves from Pugent Sound?
(a) He's a big winner gambling in Reno.
(b) He is playing the lottery.
(c) He is reading the newspaper daily.
(d) He's retired and doing volunteer work.

3. After Leigh-Cheri tells Bernard her favorite bedtime story what does he ask?
(a) Whatever happens to the golden ball?
(b) Who writes the story?
(c) What happens to the frog?
(d) How does the frog change into a Prince?

4. What does Leigh-Cheri do when the food and champagne run out?
(a) She decides to blow open the door, hoping they'd get out or die together.
(b) She tries to use the frosting from the cake to grease the lock on the door.
(c) She tries using champagne as fuel to burn through the door.
(d) She sets a fire and hopes to send smoke signals through the air vents.

5. Where does Leigh-Cheri and Bernard picnic?
(a) In the crater of a volcano.
(b) In a forest beneath the volcano.
(c) In the jungle.
(d) By the ocean.

6. What does the writer say might happen during the rest of the story?
(a) He might have a Spanish speaking character.
(b) He might give the characters a box of Chiclets.
(c) He might lapse into writing Chiclet.
(d) He might begin writing in Chinese.

7. What word does Leigh-Cheri realize looks the same in a mirror?

8. What does Gulietta start to wear when she comes to visit Leigh-Cheri?
(a) Her bikini.
(b) And "I'm on Strike" tee shirt.
(c) Jeans and a sweatshirt.
(d) Nothing.

9. What doesLeigh-Cheri and Bernard eat and drink in order to survive after A'ben Fizel leaves them alone?
(a) Bread and water.
(b) Wedding cake and wine coolers.
(c) Wedding cake and champagne.
(d) Birthday cake and champagne.

10. What happens when Leigh-Cheri realizes the red bearded man is Bernard?
(a) She runs into his arms.
(b) She cries.
(c) She hits him.
(d) She faints.

11. What happens to Bernard in Algeria?
(a) He finds a new girlfriend.
(b) He is in solitary confinement.
(c) He is shot and killed.
(d) He is allowed to go free.

12. In the second "Interlude", what does the writer do to the typewriter he is using to write this novel?
(a) He paints it red.
(b) He burns it.
(c) He paints it blue.
(d) He sells it.

13. Why isn't Bernard permitted to smoke cigarettes while in jail?
(a) Bernard doesn't want to smoke cigarettes.
(b) The jailors do not want second hand smoke.
(c) It is a non-smoking jail.
(d) The jailors are afraid if he gets his hands on fire he'll make a bomb.

14. In the second "Interlude", what questions does the writer ask about the story?
(a) Is the moon made of green cheese?
(b) Are redheads funnier people?
(c) How do you fall in love?
(d) None of the answers are correct.

15. What does Chuck think Leigh-Cheri is doing in Chapter Sixty-Two?
(a) Having a party.
(b) Communicating with the dead.
(c) Operating a radio transmitter.
(d) Running a gambling ring.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does Leigh-Cheri bathe while Bernard is in jail?

2. From what box of cereal does Leigh-Cheri read a satisfaction guarantee?

3. What language does the writer say he is now teaching himself?

4. Who is Nina Jablonski?

5. At the end of Chapter Ninety-Three, what does the Red-Beard say to Leigh-Cheri?

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