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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the second "Interlude", what does the writer do to the typewriter he is using to write this novel?
(a) He paints it red.
(b) He burns it.
(c) He sells it.
(d) He paints it blue.

2. What is in the note Queen Tilli gives Leigh-Cheri the night before her wedding to A'ben Fizel?
(a) A picture of her parents.
(b) A check for one million dollars from her father.
(c) A letter explaining why King Max couldn't come to her wedding.
(d) The newspaper article telling of Bernard's death.

3. Who gets Leigh-Cheri and Bernard out of the country?
(a) Ralph Nader.
(b) Queen Tilli.
(c) Queen Gulietta.
(d) King Max.

4. What is the gift from A'ben fFizel to Leigh-Cheri?
(a) Building her a pyramid.
(b) Building her a mansion.
(c) Marrying her.
(d) Buying her an island.

5. Where does Leigh-Cheri go at midnight the night before her wedding?
(a) The pyramid.
(b) To bed.
(c) To a night club.
(d) Home to her parents.

6. Who is Nina Jablonski?
(a) Leigh-Cheri's doctor.
(b) Bernard's old girlfriend.
(c) Leigh-Cheri's best friend.
(d) Bernard's attorney.

7. What doesLeigh-Cheri and Bernard eat and drink in order to survive after A'ben Fizel leaves them alone?
(a) Bread and water.
(b) Wedding cake and champagne.
(c) Birthday cake and champagne.
(d) Wedding cake and wine coolers.

8. When will Leigh-Cheri receive her gift?
(a) After they are married.
(b) When the next full moon rises.
(c) After she is over Bernard.
(d) Right away.

9. In Chapter Forty-Six, who does Leigh-Cheri refuse to see?
(a) King Max.
(b) Queen Tilli.
(c) Bernard.
(d) A'ben Fizel.

10. What question does Leigh-Cheri ask at the end of Chapter Eighty-One?
(a) "Whatever happens to the golden ball?"
(b) "Why can't I sleep?"
(c) "Why does the frog turn into a prince?"
(d) "Where's Prince Charming?"

11. What does Bernard do at the end of Chapter Seventy-Two that upsets Leigh-Cheri?
(a) He gets out of jail and doesn't tell her.
(b) He sends her an angry note.
(c) He tells her he is in love with his attorney.
(d) He phonsd her and breaks up.

12. From what box of cereal does Leigh-Cheri read a satisfaction guarantee?
(a) Fruit Loops.
(b) Wheaties.
(c) Captain Crunch.
(d) Cheerios.

13. At the end of Chapter Ninety-Three, what does the Red-Beard say to Leigh-Cheri?
(a) "Whatever happens to the gold ball?"
(b) "Where's Waldo?"
(c) "Hello, dragon bait."
(d) "Hello, Red."

14. How does the writer reply in Spanish to the Cuban children?
(a) "I don't speak Spanish."
(b) "I don't speak Chiclets."
(c) "I don't have Chiclets."
(d) "I don't like Chiclets."

15. What does Bernard do when Leigh-Cheri insults him?
(a) He tries to burn the building.
(b) He calls her a "spoiled princess."
(c) He lights a stick of dynamite.
(d) He storms out of the bar they are in.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happens to Bernard in Algeria?

2. What word does Leigh-Cheri realize looks the same in a mirror?

3. Why can't Leigh-Cheri follow Bernard to the ends of the earth?

4. What unusual thing happens as Leigh-Cheri and Bernard describe their dream or hallucination?

5. What does Leigh-Cheri do when the food and champagne run out?

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