Objects & Places from Still Life with Woodpecker

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The Remington SL3

This writing tool is disliked by the author of novel.

Red Hair

Those from Argon dislike anyone with this.

The Moon

This object shines meaning and light in the novel.

Leigh-Cheri's Attic Room

This can be either a haven or a prison for the main character.

The Pack of Camel Cigarettes

This is the best friend of the main character while in prison.


This is one of the lost continents mentioned in the novel.

The Pioneer Inn

This is the scheduled location of the Care Fest.


This is the Woodpecker's means of self-expression.


This sweet fruit is a thorn in the side of the royal parents.

Leigh-Cheri's Pyramid

This fiance's gift nearly becomes the main character's tomb.

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