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Mary Roach
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does surgeon Marliena Marignani find difficult to work with?
(a) Hands.
(b) Faces.
(c) Feet.
(d) Torsos.

2. When does 'human wreckage' become useful to an investigation?
(a) When an airplane's black box is not conclusive or missing.
(b) When investigators are trying to distinguish between structural failure and bombs in airplanes.
(c) When ships sink and human remains float.
(d) When investigators are looking for evidence of explosives in buildings.

3. What other advantage does Marliena Marignani say comes from working on cadavers?
(a) There is no risk of injuring the patient's health.
(b) The flesh is firmer.
(c) She can concentrate on the surgery without all the machines, anesthesiologists and nurses around.
(d) They afford greater visibility.

4. How does Mary Roach characterize the first stage of decay in a cadaver?
(a) Persistence of putrescent odor.
(b) Skin sloughing off, with maggots beneath the surface.
(c) Liquidation of internal organs.
(d) Bloat with large numbers of maggots.

5. What position is UM006 placed in for the study?
(a) Fetal.
(b) Driving.
(c) Lying down.
(d) Sprawling.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Mike Walsh say he typically tells families?

2. How do researchers in Britain bypass familial consent?

3. Why are animals used exclusively?

4. Who did the 'father of anatomy' dissect?

5. What do researchers monitor at the University of Tennessee?

Short Essay Questions

1. What did Thomas Holmes do?

2. What test was Captain Louis Le Garde ordered to perform in 1893?

3. Describe the procedure in which UM006 was used.

4. What cases does Mary Roach describe in which people murdered others in order to sell their bodies to surgeons?

5. What part of the embalming procedure did Mary Roach witness?

6. Why was TWA Flight 800 so emotional for Shanahan?

7. How much does UM006's family know what the cadaver is being used for?

8. Why does Duncan McPherson say people fall down when shot?

9. What kinds of signs did the cadavers from Flight 800 have?

10. Where did surgeons used to learn their techniques before they used cadavers?

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