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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is one of the 'neatest' ways to travel for free?
(a) Hitchhiking.
(b) Stowing away on ships.
(c) Walking.
(d) Biking.

2. Where can one obtain free, or 'dirt cheap,' blueprints and information?
(a) Libraries on housecleaning day.
(b) BPOs Inc.
(c) Government Printing Office.
(d) Record clubs.

3. What is farmland measured in?
(a) Yardage.
(b) Windage.
(c) Square feet.
(d) Acreage.

4. According to Hoffman, what drugs should be avoided?
(a) All drugs.
(b) Speed and heroin.
(c) Cocaine and LSD.
(d) Marijuana and hash.

5. What should you do to all your cans before going to the cashier?
(a) Dent them.
(b) Put them in the pockets of a large coat.
(c) Switch the labels.
(d) Switch the lids.

Short Answer Questions

1. On credit cards, what is the letter code for 1970?

2. What is the 'tar jungle?'

3. Where can you get a free umbrella?

4. How many patients can the average free clinic handle in a day?

5. What should you leave for the waiter or waitress after stealing from a restaurant?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Hoffman recommend organizing for the purpose of free food? What benefits does this organization provide?

2. Do you feel that there is really a class war going on in America?

3. What should the publishers of radical high school newspapers be aware of?

4. What happened in the People's Park in Berkeley, 1969?

5. What does Hoffman recommend about organizing press conferences?

6. What does Hoffman say about advertising?

7. What legal advice does Hoffman have for those arrested?

8. How does Hoffman describe those who would follow his advice? Do you think he takes his advice seriously?

9. How can television transmissions be hijacked?

10. What should one take note of when buying a farm?

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