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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the time of writing, how much did it cost to rent a safety deposit box for a year?
(a) $15.00.
(b) $21.00.
(c) $7.00.
(d) $5.00.

2. What does a high pulse of over 100 beats per minute usually indicate in an injured person?
(a) Heart or nervous system injury.
(b) Panic.
(c) Shock.
(d) Immediate risk of death.

3. According to Hoffman, what will the FBI soon have?
(a) Zero budget.
(b) Unlimited license to kill and oppress.
(c) A Thousand Most Wanted list.
(d) Nothing to do.

4. How long does it take to learn the basics of operating a firearm?
(a) An hour.
(b) A day.
(c) A week.
(d) Five minutes.

5. How many points did a person need under Canada's point system to become a landed immigrant?
(a) 60.
(b) 100.
(c) 70.
(d) 50.

6. According to Hoffman, what should be the aim of every good high school newspaper?
(a) To produce 4-H Club members.
(b) To destroy the high school.
(c) To make the principal happy.
(d) To educate students about political issues and injustice.

7. What does RF stand for?
(a) Regulated Fundamentalism.
(b) Radical Freedom.
(c) Real Feed.
(d) Radio Frequency.

8. 'Living underground, like exile, can be extremely...'
(a) 'Cool.'
(b) 'Stressful.'
(c) 'Rewarding.'
(d) 'Lonely.'

9. 'It's ridiculous to talk about a revolution without a few words on...'
(a) 'Drugs.'
(b) 'Tactics.'
(c) 'Guns.'
(d) 'What to do after the revolution is successful.'

10. What is the legal length limit for antennas of unlicensed radio stations?
(a) 10 feet.
(b) 11 feet.
(c) 12 feet.
(d) 9 feet.

11. According to Hoffman, what is the most important part of a demonstration?
(a) Theater.
(b) Numbers.
(c) The message.
(d) Education.

12. What is the most important institution in the 'New Nation?'
(a) Underground newspaper.
(b) Food conspiracy.
(c) People's clinic.
(d) Bust trust.

13. What the dimensions of a tabloid-style paper?
(a) 9 7/8" x 14 5/8"
(b) 16 2/3" x 16 2/3"
(c) 6 8/10" x 13 3/7"
(d) 10 5/7" x 12 1/2"

14. What are the publishers of underground newspapers commonly busted for?
(a) Obscenity.
(b) Perjury.
(c) Slander.
(d) Libel.

15. What does Hoffman say is the appropriate cost for an inch of advertising space?
(a) $1.00.
(b) $4.00.
(c) $3.00.
(d) $2.00.

Short Answer Questions

1. What can be used to erase computer tape?

2. What is important to any revolution?

3. What does Hoffman prefer over a mimeograph?

4. What is the name for a trick package that can be used to hide stolen items?

5. In the United States, what is the minimum age for owning a handgun?

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