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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. 'It's ridiculous to talk about a revolution without a few words on...'
(a) 'Guns.'
(b) 'Drugs.'
(c) 'Tactics.'
(d) 'What to do after the revolution is successful.'

2. What does the small plastic detector attached to an item usually say on it?
(a) 'Shoplifting is a Crime.'
(b) 'Do Not Remove.'
(c) 'Buy Me.'
(d) 'Sale.'

3. At the time of writing, how much does a lightweight bullet-proof vest cost?
(a) $59.95.
(b) $19.95.
(c) $9.99.
(d) $14.95.

4. In Hoffman's day, what machine was used to make almost all I.D. cards?
(a) Blickensderfer typewriter.
(b) Teletype 300.
(c) IBM Selectric.
(d) Varityper.

5. In the military, what does C.O. stand for?
(a) Commissioned Official.
(b) Community Organization.
(c) Commanding Officer.
(d) Communist Operative.

6. What is the power limit for legal transmission on free AM bands?
(a) 7 amps.
(b) 2 watts.
(c) 100 milliwatts.
(d) 500 volts.

7. What does Hoffman recommend not to do with a Molotov cocktail or other bomb?
(a) Make it at home.
(b) Throw it.
(c) Smoke around it.
(d) Use alcohol when making it.

8. How long does it take to learn the basics of operating a firearm?
(a) A week.
(b) An hour.
(c) Five minutes.
(d) A day.

9. What is rendering cash obsolete?
(a) Debit cards.
(b) Bank cards.
(c) Credit cards.
(d) Cash cards.

10. What does Hoffman suggest putting into a safety deposit box?
(a) Fish.
(b) Manure.
(c) Valuables.
(d) Explosives.

11. How many basic types of TV systems are there?
(a) Four.
(b) Five.
(c) Three.
(d) Two.

12. How can a closed circuit television be temporarily knocked out?
(a) With a bright light.
(b) By cutting the power.
(c) By covering over the lens.
(d) With a baseball bat.

13. How many underground newspapers does Hoffman estimate exist at the time of writing?
(a) Over 500.
(b) In excess of 1,000.
(c) Almost 850.
(d) Around 600.

14. What is a 'knuckle sap?'
(a) A glove that releases irritating liquid upon impact.
(b) A glove with powdered lead.
(c) A glove with steel spikes.
(d) A glove with fiberglass plates.

15. What is the ideal defensive weapon?
(a) Intelligence.
(b) Claymore mine.
(c) Shotgun.
(d) Planning.

Short Answer Questions

1. What Western country provides asylum for draft dodgers and deserters?

2. What word does Hoffman use to refer to police violence?

3. What color should you paint your helmet?

4. What is important to any revolution?

5. What chemical is used in stink bombs?

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