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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the 'tar jungle?'
(a) The spaces below overpasses.
(b) The roofs of tall buildings.
(c) Abandoned parking lots.
(d) The modern city.

2. According to Hoffman, what is the only reason you should be in college?
(a) To get ahead in the rat race.
(b) To become a straight.
(c) To destroy it.
(d) To get an education.

3. What does Hoffman recommend as the best method of birth control?
(a) The pill.
(b) Foam.
(c) An IUD.
(d) Abstinence.

4. What can be used as fake marijuana?
(a) All of the below.
(b) Catnip.
(c) Oregano.
(d) Parsley.

5. What does Hoffman recommend against when hijacking the mic at a concert?
(a) Interrupting the music.
(b) Being overly dramatic.
(c) Making threats to the building owners.
(d) Being too brief.

6. What is a farmhouse with a small garden, some livestock, and maybe a pond?
(a) Family farm.
(b) Small farm.
(c) Recreational farm.
(d) Hobby farm.

7. What time of year has the highest competition for rental housing?
(a) June and September.
(b) October and January.
(c) July and August.
(d) December and March.

8. Which door is the best to use for sneaking into a theater?
(a) Loading bay door.
(b) Front door.
(c) Employee entrance.
(d) Fire exit.

9. What are 'springing up all over the New Nation?'
(a) Free Hospitals.
(b) Free Shops.
(c) Free Universities.
(d) Free Armories.

10. 'Seize the...'
(a) 'day.'
(b) 'moment.'
(c) 'steak.'
(d) 'power.'

11. Who's Register of Companies, Directors and Executives does Hoffman recommend?
(a) Standard's.
(b) Abbie's.
(c) Poor's.
(d) Smith's.

12. What religion of people hold particularly good parties for stealing food from?
(a) Jews.
(b) Buddhists.
(c) Hindus.
(d) Muslims.

13. What have 'yippies' been doing at supermarkets since their inception?
(a) Shoplifting.
(b) Meeting with each other.
(c) Picking up girls.
(d) Working.

14. What is a good news item, if done right?
(a) Helping guerrillas escape from zoos.
(b) Guerilla warfare.
(c) Guerilla shopping.
(d) Guerilla theater.

15. What is one of the 'neatest' ways to travel for free?
(a) Biking.
(b) Walking.
(c) Hitchhiking.
(d) Stowing away on ships.

Short Answer Questions

1. What are two of the easiest STDs to pick up?

2. What is at the center of the star on the flag?

3. How much money did the hijacker ask for when he 'got greedy?'

4. What destination does Hoffman recommend for a free vacation?

5. What can you sew onto a t-shirt to aid in stealing?

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