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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Survive!.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What state gives out the most generous welfare benefits?
(a) Mississippi.
(b) New York.
(c) Vermont.
(d) Alabama.

2. What is the maximum allowable range for a radio transmitter to not require an FCC license?
(a) Ten feet.
(b) Two miles.
(c) A half mile.
(d) One hundred yards.

3. What is a good news item, if done right?
(a) Guerilla shopping.
(b) Helping guerrillas escape from zoos.
(c) Guerilla theater.
(d) Guerilla warfare.

4. What makes up the majority of the diet for the National Liberation Front?
(a) Whole Earth Bread.
(b) Weatherbeans.
(c) Street Salad.
(d) Rice and Cong sauce.

5. What country has a lot of free land available?
(a) Canada.
(b) Cuba.
(c) Mexico.
(d) Argentina.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of person is a good friend to have at the docks?

2. How many patients can the average free clinic handle in a day?

3. What is it important to do before 'pulling a big rip off' at a grocery store?

4. 'Seize the...'

5. What type of vehicle is easier to hitch a ride on at night?

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