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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Liberate!.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. According to Hoffman, what caliber of cartridge is the bare minimum of acceptable power?
(a) .45.
(b) .22.
(c) 9mm.
(d) .38.

2. What characteristic of subway system cards is it important to note?
(a) Letters designating the different lines.
(b) Font.
(c) Size.
(d) Color.

3. What is rendering cash obsolete?
(a) Cash cards.
(b) Debit cards.
(c) Bank cards.
(d) Credit cards.

4. How can a closed circuit television be temporarily knocked out?
(a) By cutting the power.
(b) With a baseball bat.
(c) By covering over the lens.
(d) With a bright light.

5. 'Seize the...'
(a) 'power.'
(b) 'steak.'
(c) 'moment.'
(d) 'day.'

Short Answer Questions

1. What does RF stand for?

2. What religion of people hold particularly good parties for stealing food from?

3. What can be used as fake marijuana?

4. What should every movement have?

5. What accompanies ambulance calls?

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