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Objective: In addition to being a lifestyle guide and how-to book, STEAL THIS BOOK by Abbie Hoffman is a political manifesto of sorts. While telling readers how to get free food and drugs, Hoffman weaves politics into everything he writes.

1) 1 - Class discussion: How would you describe Abbie Hoffman's political beliefs? How mainstream were his ideas at the time of writing? How about now? What is the political spectrum? Where would you place Hoffman on the political spectrum? Where would you place yourself?

2 - Brainstorming: As a class, brainstorm a list of the key ideas in Abbie Hoffman's political beliefs.

3 - Report writing: Each student writes a 1-page report that places Abbie Hoffman on the political spectrum and describes his political beliefs with evidence from the text.

4 - Lenses: Each student writes 1-2 paragraphs responding to Hoffman's beliefs that either criticizes, disagrees with, agrees with, or praises...

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