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Bert Cohen - The title page lists this person as accessory after the fact. This person was the person who did the book's graphic design, giving it the look of an underground newspaper of the type published for little money by revolutionaries in the 1960s.

Lisa Fithian - This person wrote the foreword to the 2002 edition of the book. A long-time community activist, this person is a member of the Direct Action Network and is involved in political issues.

Al Giordano - This person is an activist who worked with the book's writer, and wrote STILL A STEAL, the introduction to the 2001 edition of STEAL THIS BOOK.

Izak Haber - On the book's title page, this person is listed as co-conspirator, a term used in law to imply that someone is guilty of working with another guilty party.

Abbie Hoffman - At the time when STEAL...

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