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• Hoffman introduces strategies for acquiring free food and other basic necessities of life

• Hoffman explains how restaurants can be scammed and ripped off for free meals.

• Hoffman recommends parties, bar mitzvahs, and conventions for other free food.

• Hoffman explains how to rip off welfare and the food stamp program.

• Hoffman explains the basics of shoplifting, and how to avoid being caught.

• Hoffman explains how to get free furniture and clothing.

• Hoffman goes over the basics of free and cheap transportation.

• Hoffman warns readers of the dangers of being arrested by police for little or no reason.

• Other topics covered include ripping off airlines and siphoning gas.

• Strategies for cheap and free education are covered, including free universities and free books.

• Hoffman explains the dangers and benefits of recreational drugs, and instructs readers on how to grow their own marijuana.


• Hoffman introduces underground media to readers.

• The...

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