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Short Answer Questions

1. What degree does Marisa want Jonathan Marshall to set the simulated shore?

2. What is Evans supposed to do to give him more time to be talked to?

3. How many thousand square miles of desert are in the search area?

4. What kind of alcohol was going to be bought following the testing of the electricity bolt experiment?

5. What was unlike George?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Evans get so mad at Kenner?

2. What was George Morton involved in globally and what in particular trait did all these things have in common?

3. What kinds of things attracts the attention of the people at Weddell station regarding Brewster?

4. What is significant about a Twin Otter plane, and why does this attract Kenner's attention?

5. What things put Evans off about NERF?

6. What two things interested George Morton?

7. What does it become clear the people who robbed Sarah, Evans and Margo were looking for?

8. Why is it important to the cause of global warming initiatives, that Per Einarsson change his research paper?

9. For what reasons didn't Sarah blend in with the crowd?

10. Why did Sarah begin to feel like a coward?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast Evans and Ted. What kinds of personalities are both people? How do they differ in their approach to the environment? How are they the same? How do you feel about each character? Who would you rather have as your friend and why?

Essay Topic 2

What do you think the aim of eco-terrorism is? In what ways are eco-terrorists actually present in our world? Explain at least one documented case in which someone did something that caused the death or serious injury of someone working in an industrial industry.

Essay Topic 3

Compare the fictional organization NERF to the real organization, ELF. How does the author spin the perspective of the reader from admiration of the cause and dedication of NERF to such a discontent radiation at the end of the novel? How is this change of view imperative to the progression of the story?

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