State of Fear Multiple Choice Test Questions

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1. What conference was held?
(a) Warming Earth
(b) Developing Earth
(c) Sustainable Earth
(d) Biodegradable Earth

2. Where was this conference held?
(a) Las Angeles
(b) New York
(c) Fredericton
(d) Johannesburg

3. What was forming a lawsuit?
(a) A country
(b) A state
(c) A continent
(d) An island

4. What was the name of the thing forming the lawsuit?
(a) Vanutu
(b) Australia
(c) Washington
(d) Honolulu

5. Who was the lawsuit against?
(a) Environment Partition Agency
(b) Environmental Proliferation Agency
(c) Environmental Protection Agency
(d) Environment Protection Agency

6. How many inhabitants were threatened?
(a) Twenty four thousand
(b) Seven thousand
(c) Five thousand
(d) Eight thousand

7. What activist group was expected to join?
(a) Nominal Environmental Resource Fund
(b) World Wildlife Federation
(c) National Environmental Resource Fund
(d) David Suzuki Foundation

8. What kind of person was expected to be there?
(a) A wealthy philanthropist
(b) A wealthy senator
(c) A wealthy man
(d) A film director

9. What was this person's name?
(a) Gerry Morton
(b) Greg Morton
(c) John Morton
(d) George Morton

10. What smell was strong?
(a) Mould
(b) Salt water
(c) Melting copper
(d) Soldered metal

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