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Anne Fadiman
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why was it nearly impossible for the doctors to satisfy the Hmong?
(a) Because the Hmong believed in illness of the soul.
(b) They didn't want to try to satisfy them.
(c) Because they were never going to like them.
(d) Because the Hmong believed doctors are evil.

2. What barrier does the author have in interviewing the family featured in the book?
(a) Time constraints.
(b) Her writing ability.
(c) Geographical distance.
(d) Language.

3. Who did Nao Kao think the social workers were?
(a) Relatives.
(b) Police.
(c) Nurses.
(d) Doctors.

4. How does a txiv neeb reach a diagnosis?
(a) He or she asks their colleagues.
(b) They ask the village for their feelings.
(c) He or she asks pointed questions.
(d) A txiv neeb senses things in the spiritual world.

5. What did Lia's family realize in Chapter Nine about her after she returned?
(a) She had regressed.
(b) They could do nothing to help her.
(c) She didn't miss them.
(d) That she was happy in her foster home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What kind of connotation comes with the Miao or Meo name?

2. What did the medical chart at Merced say about Lia and her mother?

3. What would happen to Lia's breathing when she had seizures?

4. Translated, what does "qaug dab peg" mean?

5. As mentioned in Chapter Six, what would have been a more agreeable plan to the Hmong in terms of treating illness?

Short Essay Questions

1. What powers does the Hmong culture believe that a "txiv neeb" shaman has?

2. Give an example of how the Hmong are clearly tied to their past.

3. Describe Neil and Peggy's beliefs as doctors.

4. What was Lia's interaction like with her parents?

5. What is special about the red chair where Anne sat to do her interviews?

6. Give an example of how the cultural barrier can lead to misinterpretations between Americans and Hmong people.

7. What happened the first time the Lee's went to the hospital with Lia?

8. Why was it hard for doctors to pin down Lia's developmental delays?

9. Describe Neil Ernst and Peggy Philp.

10. Describe what the author says in the preface about the insights the taped recordings of interviews offered.

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