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Lesson 1 (from First Marking Period (through page 14))


Melinda privately gives names to all the groups of students-Jocks, Country Clubbers, Suffering Artists, Goths, Cheerleaders and so on. Melinda is all by herself, outcast.

The objective of this lesson is to look at the concept of cliques and Melinda's response to them.


1. Class Discussion: What is a clique? Do all schools have them? What is the purpose of banding together in cliques? Why does a person choose to identify with a clique? What do you think Melinda feels about the cliques at her school?

2. In-Class Writing: Respond to the following question: Do you belong to a "clique" of some sort? Why or why not?

3. Small Group Debate: Debate the following statement: Cliques are a necessary part of living in a social world.

4. Homework: Write an informal argument/persuasion essay taking either a stand for or against the idea that cliques serve a useful function...

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