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One-act Play

Create a one-act play of the flashback to the summer's end party.

Drawings of Characters

Draw caricatures of the main characters and then have students guess who the drawing represents. Some characters to include: Melinda, Rachel, Ivy, Mr. Freeman, Hairywoman, Mr. Neck, Principal Principal, IT( Andy), Heather and David.

Melinda's Closet at School

Draw a plan, including the furniture and decorations of Melinda's closet at school. Draw a second one to represent what you would do with a similar closet.


Write letters from Melinda to the following characters: Rachel, Ivy, Any, Heather, David and Mr. Freeman.

Plan a Party

Plan an end-of-summer party and includes ways to make sure what happens to Melinda would not happen at your party.

Book Review

Write a book review of Speak for the New York Times book section.

Dialogue with Mr. Freeman

Write out a dialogue between Melinda and...

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