Objects & Places from Spartina

John Casey (novelist)
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An invasive grass that grows in saline conditions where other grasses cannot.

Dick's Skiff

This is a self-made craft, eighteen-feet long, and very light and narrow with an outboard motor and oars.

The Neptune

This is a bar where the local fishermen hang out.


When Dick gets this repaired and in the ocean, it turns out to be seaworthy but has uncomfortable quarters and its ride is unpredictable.

The Blue Canoe

Elsie, her sister, and a neighbor built this boat more than twenty years ago.

The Wedding Cake

This was the first building built in the area by Dick's great uncle.

Dick's Boat

Dick's goal is to find a way to finance the materials he needs to complete this, but he must be willing to give up his pride and work for others to do so.

The Harpoon

This is a complex rig used for shooting...

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