Spartina Character Descriptions

John Casey (novelist)
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Dick Pierce

He is a forty-two year old fisherman, who lives on the shore near Galilee, Rhode Island. He is relatively poor and his wife has to work to help support their two boys.

May Pierce

She is a supportive wife for the most part, and has given up a good amount of the lifestyle she wants so that her husband can pursue his dream of finishing his fishing boat.

Charlie Pierce

He is small and somewhat shy, but very apt at spotting fish.

Tom Pierce

He is not interested in fishing the way his father did when he was his age.

Joxer Goode

He is an entrepreneur who has begun a business of selling red crabs to restaurants because they are less expensive than lobsters and his business is doing very well.

Barbara Goode

She is the wife of a man who sells red crabs to restaurants...

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