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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 3, Scene 13.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the letter say that Horatio discovers Bel-Imperia left him?
(a) Balthazar and Lorenzo killed Horatio.
(b) Horatio was a traitor.
(c) Lorenzo does not deserve to die.
(d) She is in love with Balthazar.

2. Why does Lorenzo plan to kill Serberine?
(a) Because he reminds Lorenzo of Bel-Imperia.
(b) Because he is tired of having a servant.
(c) Because he thinks he wrote a letter revealing his guilt.
(d) Because he is going to take Pedringano as a servant instead.

3. After Balthazar and Lorenzo are told that Serberine has been shot, what is Lorenzo's reaction?
(a) To hide himself, knowing he will be found guilty.
(b) To help Pedringano find a hiding place.
(c) To have Pedringano executed.
(d) To tell Balthazar the truth about the murder.

4. Whom does Hieronimo mistake for an avenging goddess?
(a) The third citizen.
(b) Horatio.
(c) Balthazar.
(d) Lorenzo.

5. What does Lorenzo give to Pedringano to encourage him to help in killing Serberine?
(a) A title.
(b) A house.
(c) A pardon.
(d) A bag of gold.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Pedringano?

2. What is contained in the box that Lorenzo gives a servant and says must remain closed?

3. Who helps Balthazar and Lorenzo find a hiding place to listen and watch Bel-Imperia and Horatio talk?

4. How does the audience know what Balthazar and Lorenzo are thinking as they secretly watch Bel-Imperia and Horatio?

5. The third citizen comes to Hieronimo regarding his ___'s murder.

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