The Spanish Tragedy Character Descriptions

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Alexandro - This character is falsely accused of accidentally causing the death of another character in battle.

Ambassador of Portugal - This character acts as a liaison between the courts of Spain and Portugal.

Balthazar - This character is the prince of Portugal and kills his rival for love.

Bel-Imperia - This character stabs herself to death in the play within the play, even though her suicide is not called for in the role she is playing.

Christophill - This character is Lorenzo's servant.

Don Ciprian - This character is the brother of the king of Spain.

Duke of Castile - See Don Ciprian

Ghost of Don Andrea - This character is a Spanish courtier who was killed.

Hieronimo - This character is the knight marshal of Spain who wants to make sure he knows for certain the identities of the guilty men before he acts...

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