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Author Report

In the Prologue, the reader learns about the author Kurt Vonnegut. Citing this information as well as additional research, create an author report on Kurt Vonnegut.

Location Report

Kurt Vonnegut was raised in Indianapolis, Indiana and vacationed on Lake Maxinkuckee. Choose from one of these two locations and write a brief report on the cottage or city. At the end of your report, reference at least three examples in Slapstick: Or, Lonesome No More! where this location influenced the story, including support for your theory.

Build a Model

Choosing from one of the many locations mentioned in the text, create a physical model of this location and write a brief description of why this location inspired you.

The Green Death

When the Green Death hits Manhattan, life is forever altered. Using any form of visual or electronic media, create a news story depicting the decline of...

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