Slapstick: Or, Lonesome No More! Character Descriptions

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Dr. Wilbur Daffodil-11 Swain

This Presidential figure lives a long life.

Eliza Mellon Swain

This physically disfigured twin recites Shakespeare to a loved one.

Melody Oriole-2 von Peterswald

This former slave is related to the King of Candlesticks.

Isadore Raspberry-19 Cohen

A member of the Raspberry family, this hunter is going to be a parent.

Vera Chipmunk-5 Zappa

This slave owner runs a working farm.

Caleb Mellon Swain and Letitia Vanderbilt Swain

This pair attempts to protect their children from society.

Dr. Stewart Rawlings Mott

This depressed Texan may have known a secret.

Oveta Cooper

This nurse bathes, dresses, and supervises children.

Dr. Cordelia Swain Cordiner

This jealous psychologist does not like the rich.

Norman Mushari Jr.

This lawyer invents removable taps for shoes.

Rose Aldrich Ford and Carter Paley Swain

This pair moves to Michu Picchu together.

Sophia Rothschild Swain

This member of the Peanut family gets...

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