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• The style and purpose of Slapstick: Or, Lonesome No More! is explained by Kurt Vonnegut.

• It is revealed that Kurt Vonnegut has an unusual relationship with expressing love and does not feel it is that important of a theme compared to common decency.

• This reflection prompts discussion of Kurt Vonnegut's brother Bernard and their positive relationship.

• The history of Kurt Vonnegut's family is discussed, including his German heritage and younger days in Indianapolis, IN.

• As Kurt Vonnegut's brothers and sisters moved away as young adults, it is an event to visit the city and often only happens for funerals.

• The funeral of Uncle Alex Vonnegut caused the author to return to the city with his brother.

• The history of this uncle is revealed.

• Traveling to the funeral, Kurt Vonnegut remembers his deceased sister Alice, the way that she died, and the history that they shared.

• Kurt Vonnegut...

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